About Us

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Khristian, you know LATIENDITAGA was a project that I had not planned at any time, and I could tell you that it all started out of curiosity, I remember very well my story began on Ebay selling basic products, it was also my place first sale, since that sale I started to improve little by little.

Then TikTok Shop arrived where I could say that it grew much faster, and I had very large sales, but just as all good things come, dark moments have to come. LATIENDITAGA was attacked by hatred and jealousy from other people due to its rapid growth, a shame because the people who attacked me the most were (LATINA).

LATIENDITAGA is and will be my business to grow, I have so much faith in my company that I know that one day we will go as far as possible, it is a goal that I have with myself.

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