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Chargeback Policy

At LATIENDITAGA (LTDTG), safeguarding the safety and satisfaction of our esteemed customers is paramount. With this principle in mind, we have developed a comprehensive Chargeback Policy to address any disputes related to refunds or unauthorized charges.

1. Investigation Procedure:

Upon activation of our Chargeback Policy, LTDTG undertakes a meticulous investigation. We leverage all available data, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and payment details, to identify and resolve disputes effectively.

2. Customer Responsibility:

LTDTG reserves the right to request payment for products that have already been purchased, shipped, or are in transit. Upon delivery, an inspection is conducted to verify the product's condition, with additional charges applicable for damages or lack of original packaging.

3. Notification and Payment Process:

Customers with outstanding debt are notified via email. Failure to settle the debt within 15 days incurs an additional 10% daily charge. Customers can address disputes or report errors by contacting

4. Legal Actions and Penalties:

LTDTG fully cooperates with relevant authorities, including the FBI, in cases of fraud or theft. Any attempt to obtain products without payment is considered a serious violation, with significant fines exceeding $5,000 imposed.

5. Application to Third-Party Controlled Platforms:

Our Chargeback Policy extends to all our sales platforms. However, we acknowledge that third-party controlled platforms may have additional policies. In such cases, LTDTG is committed to applying our Chargeback Policy fairly and efficiently.

6. Notice of Collection:

Fines must be paid immediately. Failure to settle the debt within a specified maximum time results in LTDTG proceeding with the next collection method, sending a notice of collection.

At LTDTG, our Chargeback Policy reflects our unwavering dedication to integrity and fairness in all our business dealings.

Policy on Reviews, Communication, Chat, and Social Media Use for Customers

Objective: Our company values the opinions and feedback of our customers. This policy establishes clear guidelines for communication, reviews, chat, and social media use, with the aim of maintaining a positive and constructive environment for all.

Chat and Social Media Use:

  1. Chat and social media are provided as tools for communication between the company and its customers.
  2. The use of chat and social media must be polite, respectful, and safe.
  3. Any form of violence, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited, whether in chat, social media comments, or during live broadcasts on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, among others.

Reviews Use:

  1. The use of reviews must be safe and polite. LTDTG appreciates all opinions, both good and bad.
  2. Violence, discrimination, or any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in reviews.


  1. Level 1: Attempted spam or promotion of any service or product without prior notice in chat, product reviews, or social media. The fine will be $59.99.
  2. Level 2: Aggression, insults, discrimination, or violence in chat, reviews, or social media. The fine will be $250.99.
  3. Level 3: Attempted defamation, false accusations of theft, fraud, or low product quality without evidence of the product or having purchased it. The fine will range from $500.99 to $1,000.99.

Fine Procedure:

  1. Fines must be paid within 90 days from the day the notification is sent to the customer.
  2. After 90 days, an additional fine will be applied as a daily 10% surcharge and $25 weekly until paid.
  3. If payment is not made within the specified period, an aggressive Collection Notice will be sent.

Appeals and Contact:

  1. For questions or appeal attempts, customers can directly contact us at to find a peaceful solution and resolve the issue efficiently.
  2. LTDTG will promptly and securely process any issues until resolved.

Amendments: This policy may be reviewed and updated as necessary to adapt to changes in communication and review practices. Any amendments will be communicated to customers clearly and in a timely manner.

Approval: This policy has been reviewed and approved by the company's management on 05/07/2024.

Do not sell or share my personal information

As described in our Privacy Policy, we collect personal information from your interactions with us and our website, including through cookies and similar technologies. We may also share this personal information with third parties, including advertising partners. We do this in order to show you ads on other websites that are more relevant to your interests and for other reasons outlined in our privacy policy.

Sharing of personal information for targeted advertising based on your interaction on different websites may be considered "sales", "sharing," or "targeted advertising" under certain U.S. state privacy laws. Depending on where you live, you may have the right to opt out of these activities. If you would like to exercise this opt-out right, please follow the instructions below.

If you visit our website with the Global Privacy Control opt-out preference signal enabled, depending on where you are, we will treat this as a request to opt-out of activity that may be considered a “sale” or “sharing” of personal information or other uses that may be considered targeted advertising for the device and browser you used to visit our website.

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